Hola! Jason Suvisesh here, the guy behind the alter ego - Toura Reborn. Reppin' the city of Chennai from South India, after the completion of my higher grade, I've completed my design education in Pearl Academy, Delhi. My first design experience started at Unilever as an UX Design Intern. Now, I'm currently working full-time at BYJU'S as a Creative.


User Interface Design has always been my forte ever since my junior year in high school. I initially started sketching out wireframes on my textbooks and tables. Eventually I dove into UX while interning for HUL.


The passion for level design set in when I was working on one of my unreleased games in RPG MV. Creating levels are so interesting as a designer, as the player gets to experience/explore each intricate levels while he/she gets lost in the game.


Reviewing video games got me into game design. I always wanted to make my own video games or may be work for a Triple A studio as a game designer some day. Coming up with ideas and tackling the game systems is a fun profession!


Recently, I started programming on c# to build some small mini games. It's so much fun bringing my ideas to life via a video game.

Featured Projects

These are considered to be my latest and best releases (Projects) till date. These projects ranges from designing and developing a website, designing an app for my social enterprise to interning with H.U.L (Hindustan Unilever Limited) as a UX Designer. There are some projects that are yet to be released. Stay Tuned!

Ego Genesis

UX & Game Development


User Interface Design

H.U.L Internship

User Experience Project


Game Design

Recent Projects

Projects that are newly released and will be updated as per feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts/opinions on these projects. For level designs- please download the game, check it out and submit your feedback in the contact session or hit me up via mail.

Latest release : In My Ends


Level Design


Level Design

Alpha Crucis

Brand Identity


UI & Front-end Development


In My Ends

Virtual Gram Album - 2021

Progression & Skills

Kindly remember that this is just for my own self assessment and doesn't have to be taken into your consideration. Here are few software/scripts used in the making of this website and other projects as well.

Fun Jams : 2020

Reflexes 3D

Game Development

Artworks - 2020

2020 artworks/animations


UE4- Level Design


Music App Concept

Resume & Certifications




"I curse my stars in bitter grief and woe, That made my love so high and me so low."
- V quoting William Blake's "Poetical" as he makes his arrival to Nero in the video game, Devil May Cry 5

"The weak fear the shadows. Fear controls them."
- Kayn from League Of Legends quotes this after getting banned

"I never hurt anyone. It is the performance that kills."
- Jhin

"We Are Not Men. The Responsibility Is Far Greater."
- Kratos


On safer side, you can reach me at: