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Back in October 2019, I got an opportunity to work with Hindustan Unilever Limited. This is my first time as an intern and was pretty excited. I had to work with some of my peers and we formed a team of 4 including myself. The final output and the work was done individually so everyone ended with different ideas and output.
The team at H.U.L mailed their creative brief and we had to think of some ideas based around the word 'glow' for the new Fair&Lovely cream. First a research and few surveys were conducted and from the result I moved on to the ideation stage. After brainstorming for a few days I eventually wanted to implement the idea of neon and fluorescent as neon glows in the night & fluorescent during the day. Once my idea got approved, I had to come up with some vizualization or a video explaining my ideas. Therefore, I decided to make a few illustrations, got them done and was waiting for the feedback. By this point, the H.U.L team just wanted an idea on how they had to continue with my concepts and hence forth decided to create a new mini animation video. Link is provided below. Kindly, check it out!
The presentation here is the process or the work flow of this entire project.


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Animation Video

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Siddharth Chakraborthy

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