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This is my first time messing around with Unity and learning how to code on C#. Unity is not only user-friendly but also a very powerful game engine. This game is called " Reflexes ". The player is supposed to dodge the obstacles using a cube. There are 3 levels in total. Before diving in, let's start with the process of how I made this game.
First and foremost, big shout-out to FluffyPudding & Brackeys for helping me out with C# and Unity. Initially I started out by drawing the base or the floor on which the cube, obstacles run and stand on respectively. Moving foward I designed the cube and the obstacles by giving them one unique color for the player to differentiate. Then I gave the sky-box a unique color to match with the cube and the obstacles to maintain the vibe of the game or the aesthetics. To make the cube move, I literally had to start coding on C# and thanks to FluffyPudding I got it done in few mins. A day after, I started working on UI for the game. Eventually, got done with the UI for the Main menu or the title screen and also for the credits roll out. It was a clean, simple process. Moving foward, I worked on the animations, the materials, prefabs and compiled all the codes or scripts into a single folder. Later on I had to build the game or export it for the players to playtest it and give me feedback on the game. Also shared some screenshots/pictures here below. Check it out if you're interested.
This is my very first game development project as I mentioned above and it was certainly fun. Reflexes is available on Windows OS and Mac OS X. I posted the game on itch.io with the installation instructions and other informative stuff. Links are provided at the end in the ' Links ' section. Kindly note that I'm in the process of updating the game and have changed the colors in the pictures below.


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