About The Project

Game Design Module ( International Experience Module ) was mentored by a visiting facutly, Greg Acuna. This is one of my first official team projects in my college. Personally, I was looking foward to it as working in teams is so much fun. Each team consisted of five to six members. My team was code named " TEAM D " and there were totally six members in my team including myself being the team leader. Being a team leader, it was upto me to guide my peers and to help them jump the hurdles on the way.
We were given the theme " garbage " and we had to make something out of it. Initially, we brainstormed whatever came to mind and then picked a few out and worked on them. Ideas started flowing once we got the concept of our game. We as a team decided to work on a Board X Card game. Each were assigned to work on a specific task given. We further, grouped ourselves into two, me & Hardik were working on the cards for the game, Sanskriti & Abhijeet were working on the board design, typos and some other ideas, Gitesh was working on icons for the board and miscellaneous activities.
Collectively we worked on the GDD ( Game Design Documentation ) and the step by step process of the game. If you're interested to take a look at it the links are provided at the end.


Links & Other stuff

Link for the GDD :

Game Design Documentation

Link for the Step-by-Step :

Step-by-Step Process

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Sanskriti K
Abhijeet S

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