Project Overview

The concept is to make an Interactive Music Experience for artists to help them explore their sound and also at the same time to have fun. Music is an art and implementing interaction in this project gives budding musicians more freedom to explore and experiment at home. By no means, the product simplifies the process of making music, making a pattern or a sound is to just get a tune or a chord to help users start writing their music. In the future, this product can actually help artist to get ideas and concepts for their albums and create their own genre. This helps the artists to be more versatile and create some interesting sounds. This product can be used for sound effects as well, maybe for live action dramas and skits or even musicals. This product can come in handy and be flexible in any possible way for the users. There are new instruments implemented in this product as it helps anyone in exploring their music, sounds or whatever for that matter. As for it's size, it may looks quite huge but it's quite compact and can be carried anywhere without much difficulty.
The link for the process document is enclosed below. Feel free to check it out!



Link for the Process Document :

Process Document

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