About The Project

Zephyr-Whiff is an asthma-relief social enterprise. It allows an asthmatic patient to have an easy access to experts and specialist by booking an appointment with the preferred doctors via the Zephyr-Whiff app. It also provides programs for asthmatic patients to enhance their immunity and body vitals. Programs are serious business when it comes to respiratory issues, it really does help asthmatic patients and C.F patients as well. These programs are structured out and verified by asthmatic specialists and experts. Zephyr-Whiff App helps the patients to interact with other asthmatics and share some quality time or share important insights with each other which will help them get better eventually. This can be done by messaging others personally and also by sharing the insights or feedbacks on their profile or feeds. Zephyr-Whiff also collaborates with a medical health aid app which will be easier for people to buy their medicines and equipments required easily.
Kindly check out the clickable app prototype, the whole documentation and the report, links are shared below!


Links & Other stuff

Link for the clickable app prototype :

Zephyr Whiff App Design

Link for the whole documentation & report :

Zephyr Whiff Documentation & Report

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